Make a Small Space a Big Part of Your Life

You can get creative and turn a small space into a personal work area or get-away spot. Decorated with the right pizzazz, small spaces can become perfect places to focus and work or to relax and tune out. For some people, tight quarters can even help, not hinder, proactive moments.

Getting creative means a better design for you. Bring your own style and interests to the setup of your space. For a methodical person, for example, an orderly design can reflect her personal style. For a freer spirit, surprise touches of colour or texture can add a comfortably playful touch. We love the stylings of the Vienna Collection for the bright blues and pops of pink. Whatever look excites your aesthetic sense (or supports your idea of comfort) will give even a smaller area a refreshing feeling of style and personality.

A good first step to getting the most out of your small space is consolidation. For example, use the storage spaces within an entertainment center and fill them with whatever items are begging to be organized. Once they’re neatly tucked away, use the freed-up surface as a seat, display area, or even a desk. This approach keeps your objects accessible and close at hand while doubling the usefulness of a key piece of your décor.

small space entertainment unit image
Storage boxes in this Hayden Entertainment Wall help to organize small items

Maximizing both utility and space means more legroom and more headroom. In other words, you’ll be rewarded with more living space to live in and more serenity to be in.

Mix the decorative with the practical. Add contrast to organizers, shelves and drawers with pillows, photos, and collectables. Instead of busy clusters and then swathes of space, choreograph a balanced interplay between busy and sparse.

Seville pier wall unit image
The Seville Pier Wall Bed

Consider purchasing a pier wall or storage bed like the Seville Collection to maximize your organization possibilities. Free yourself from traditional design concepts and listen to the way the specific space speaks to your visual instincts!

Let creativity lead … and then reorganize and redecorate to achieve your vision. So, throw out the handbook and make your square-foot-challenged space an area for clearing your head and reaching your goals.