Decorate a kids’ room with creativity, comfort, and fun

Whether it’s soccer, space or snakes, the areas of life that excite your child can be your guide for decorating with creativity. A themed drape or comforter, a bookshelf devoted to a favourite subject, even a miniature Hall of Fame presenting favourite souvenirs add a distinctive touch and rekindle enthusiasm for the things they enjoy.

Spaces for expression and play are always important for a kid’s room. Some suggestions:
  • Designate a corner for games and group activities
  • Use special paint to turn a section of wall into a chalkboard for moments of inspired drawing
  • Add wall decals for drama and to set a playful tone

Or section-off a designated space to allow for total immersion in a favourite activity (and an easy and organized clean-up). You can set this area near a window for healthy exposure to natural light and sense of openness. A bright and creative area, complete with colouring table and a rug, can playfully clash with a gadget and electronics display separated by a cozy, single bed and a bookshelf with a common colour or theme. Let distinct parts of the room have their own contrasting looks to create a playful patchwork.

Even storage spaces can offer an opportunity for creativity. Personalize a fruit crate with colour, stickers, and stamps before filling it with books and toys. Free up floor space by creating stand-alone shelves for storing those less-urgent items while doubling sitting spaces (trunks, ottomans, window seats) as more easily accessible storage compartments.

Beds that offer storage can also solve many space saving problems, just like the Morgan Collection which offers touch-release compartments in the headboard as well as eight storage drawers under the bed.

Morgan headboard organization image
Morgan Headboard with Touch-Release Drawers

The bottom line: Breaking with tradition to find new avenues of design-with-organization can bring personality to a room that reflects your child’s special qualities and interests.