Family Movie Night at DeFehr Furniture

At DeFehr Furniture, we believe that spending quality time with family is life at its finest. Work-life balance is important to our company, as is the ability to plan special events for our employees and their families. That’s why, on the beautiful evening of September 9th, we hauled out the big screen, popped some popcorn, and invited one and all to DeFehr’s first annual outdoor movie night. As we had hoped, it was an instant hit with our DeFehr family, and, as the sun began to set, we all settled in to enjoy the film.

DeFehr staff enjoying a movie together image
DeFehr staff enjoying a movie together

The crowd was full of happy people, made up of both DeFehr newcomers as well as long-term employees. Many of our staff have been members of the DeFehr family for decades, all the while raising families of their own, and, the various generations were represented in the crowd. As a testament to our company’s strong family values, many of our employees have encouraged family members to join our growing team. As this trend continues, we can expect future movie nights to be even bigger!

Danny Ochea with his family

At DeFehr Furniture, we care about our team and their families as our own. We’ve created a workplace in which employees feel welcome, safe, and at home, providing a foundation upon which they can build their professional and personal lives. It’s at events like movie night that the professional and the personal can intersect, resulting stronger bonds for all involved.

As the credits rolled and our star-studded evening came to an close, our DeFehr family packed up their chairs, shared a few last-minute laughs and bid each other farewell for the evening. And, as the sun rose again the next day, DeFehr Furniture looked forward to planning its next family event.