DeFehrs Little Red Chicken Barn

At DeFehr Furniture, we haven’t strayed far from our roots. Since 1944, we have been committed to manufacturing high quality furniture.

DeFehr Furniture was founded by Abram Albert DeFehr in the basement of his Winnipeg home. In 1945, after a year of business, he rented a 600-square-foot converted chicken barn for $12 a month, located in the back lane of Winnipeg’s Kildonan area. Four employees helped produce step-ladders, ironing boards, and drying racks under the A. A. DeFehr Manufacturing Ltd. name.

DeFehr's converted chicken barn image
Converted chicken barn located in the back lane between Edison Avenue and McKay Street. Winnipeg, MB (1945)

After a large department store took notice of their one-of-a-kind half-moon tables, the decision was made to discontinue simple household items and to further develop a line of wooden furniture – a decision that would initiate new directions for the young company.

By the end of the 1950’s, A. A. DeFehr Manufacturing Ltd. was producing furniture by the thousands out of a 15,000-square-foot facility on Winnipeg’s Edison Avenue with 15 employees. Fatefully, $12 became the selling cost of their “Three Tables – One Carton!” campaign.

DeFehr's half-moon table image
A. A. DeFehr Manufacturing Ltd.’s iconic half-moon end table (1949)

In 1961, a large fire destroyed the Edison Avenue plant which lead to the purchase of a 45,000-square foot facility at 55 Vulcan Avenue, employing 50 people. In 1998, Vulcan Avenue was renamed to Furniture Park to honour A. A. DeFehr’s success in the furniture industry.

DeFehr Furniture building image
DeFehr Furniture at 55 Vulcan Avenue. Winnipeg, MB (1963)

Today, DeFehr Furniture operates on the same piece of land purchased by our founder, A. A. DeFehr. The plant has expanded to over 478,000-square-feet and now employs over 400 people. Our product lines have increased to include Bedrooms, Entertainment, Dining and Home Office.

Currently restored and sitting across from our Furniture Park plant, the little red chicken barn serves as an on-going reminder of DeFehr’s modest beginnings. Despite our growth, our values and promise remain the same; we are committed to manufacturing high quality furniture while providing excellent service to our customers and retailers.

DeFehr's converted chicken barn image
The converted chicken barn as it currently sits in Furniture Park. Winnipeg, MB (2017)