DeFehr Furniture Annual Christmas Lunch

T’was the week before Christmas when all through DeFehr
Everyone was cheerful in their holiday wear!

We decked out the halls and rocked ’round the Christmas tree,
As holiday spirits soared and we all got hungry.

As DeFehr employees, we’re an oh-so-lucky bunch
With an annual event called the DeFehr Christmas Lunch!

We gather ’round tables with our work family
We laugh and we eat, and enjoy each other’s company!

We vie for the prize for “Best Ugly Christmas Sweater”
That we proudly then sport no matter the weather.

We tally donations for the annual food drive
Another DeFehr tradition that we’re proud to keep alive.

We collect yummy food so that others may enjoy
The same fortune we feel during this season of joy.

Tradition runs deep at our homegrown operation
And so does our desire to maintain this annual celebration.

From our family to yours, we wish you holiday cheer,
And love, health, and happiness throughout the coming year!

At this time of year, we recall that DeFehr Furniture’s founder, A. A. DeFehr, led by example to make sure that tradition played a key role in his company. Luckily for us, his legacy has endured and is reflected every day in the family feeling of our work environment, as well as in how we manufacture furniture. Because of him, we get to enjoy the wonderful Christmas Lunch described above.

Most importantly, with respect to manufacturing, DeFehr Furniture has preserved its age-old tradition of building high quality furniture that stands the test of time through the use of locally and sustainably sourced materials. And, as the world evolves around us, our 75-year-old company has committed itself to some new traditions, such as the reduction of our carbon footprint, and, let we forget, our DeFehr family movie nights!

None of this could have been achieved without the hard work and steadfast support of DeFehr employees. It’s through events like the Christmas Lunch that the company shows its gratitude for their continued commitment.


DeFehr Furniture employees enjoying Christmas dinner together image
DeFehr Furniture employees enjoying Christmas dinner together

At DeFehr Furniture, employees really are like family and we want them to feel safe, happy, and at home. By gathering around the lunch table, we’re able to share some laughs, exchange a few stories (and some ugly sweaters), and look forward to another year together. We take pride in the furniture we’ve built over the past 12 months and look forward to keeping our DeFehr traditions of quality of materials, excellence of design, and well-crafted construction going in the year ahead.

From the DeFehr Furniture family to yours, we want to wish you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

DeFehr Furniture employees wearing their festive gear image
DeFehr Furniture employees wearing their holiday gear!