Drilling into Quality, Efficiency, and Safety

At DeFehr Furniture, we know the drill when it comes to continuously improving our quality and efficiency, as well as maintaining our staff’s safety. That’s why our recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art drill and dowel machine was a big occasion.

Introducing our new drill and dowel machine, all the way from Italy, the “Vitap Automatic Boring Machine Sigma CN”. Although, we just call her “Vivian”, or “Big V” for short.

DeFehr Furniture's Vitap Automatic Boring Machine Sigma CN image
Vitap Automatic Boring Machine Sigma CN

This complex piece of equipment brings precision and accuracy to the drilling and dowelling of our furniture’s components. It’s capable of simultaneously boring into the tops, bottoms, and sides of a component using a pre-programmed selection of its 10 vertical drills while automatically inserting dowels, as well.

The drill and dowel machine boring from the bottom image
The Vitap Automatic Boring Machine Sigma CN boring from the bottom.
Precisely bored holes image
Holes precisely bored from the Vitap Automatic Boring Machine Sigma CN.

The high level of accuracy of that Vivian adds to the overall quality of our DeFehr furniture, the more precisely the holes are drilled, the more easily the components will fit together, and, ultimately, the more stable and durable the final product will be. For some examples of our high-quality products, have a look at some of our entertainment units, dining room sets, bedroom collections, and our home office furniture.

DeFehr Furniture Sterling Bedroom Collection in a moody, driftwood finish image
The Sterling Bedroom Collection in a moody, driftwood finish with dark metal handles and corner accents.

Big V also boasts a must faster set-up time than the unit it replaced, all thanks to up-to-the-minute technology. The machine has access to the most up-to-date design files for each component and, using this information, it guides the operator as to where to position the drills and dowels using a straightforward red light/green light system. To ensure that the operator understands the function of the machine – as well as how to remain safe while using it – they received training by the Vitap machine designers. This training, paired with the machine’s advanced technology, assured a manufacturing process that is extremely efficient and very safe.

The addition of this machine to our plant not only maintains and improves the quality of DeFehr Furniture products, but adds to the overall safety and efficiency of our workflow, too.

The Vitap horizontal feeder image
The Vitap horizontal feeder.

Welcome to the team, Vivian!