The DeFehr Canadian Pine Story

At DeFehr Furniture, we’re proud to use Canadian pine from local and sustainable forests. Many of our solid pine collections are Made in Canada at every step, starting with Manitoba pine harvested within 200 kilometers from our Winnipeg plant.

At DeFehr, Canadian pine is our 1st choice for table tops, surfaces, gables, and drawer fronts. That means that each solid pine product is unique. The Edgewood Dining Collection showcases this beautifully, with rich wood grains and stunning live edge detailing. Solid pine paired with antique hardware gives the Edgewood a clean yet rustic feel.

Edgewood live-edge dining room table image
The Edgewood Dining Collection shown in a slate finish with parson’s chairs
Edgewood live-edge dining room table image
Live edge detailing on the Edgewood Dining Collection shown in a midnight finish with an upholstered bench

The forest-to-home process begins with one of our carefully selected Canadian pine suppliers. Pine logs are chosen carefully, cut to size, and kiln-dried using a special process that minimizes warping and crystallizes sap. This drying process is a crucial step that ensures that the wood meets our stringent quality standards.

The Canadian pine is then ready for its journey to DeFehr, where the manufacturing process begins. The wood enters our machining process where each piece is worked to our exact standards for cutting, gluing, shaping, drilling, doweling, and sanding.

DeFehr manufacturing process image
Employees carefully cut, drill and assemble the solid pine pieces

As items move down the production line, they’re assembled and then placed on large rollers. This makes it easier for our craftspeople to handle the assembled pieces, ensuring their health and safety. These talented workers then carefully rub and spray each piece of furniture by hand, creating a finish that’s highly resistant to spills, stains, scratches and heat to prolong the life of solid pine DeFehr furniture.

DeFehr manufacturing process image
Employees spray and rub each piece by hand

The finished pieces then continue to the packaging department where we again ensure every product is to our standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Our solid pine collections— like the Edgewood, the Bryson and the Pine Ridge — are designed to last a lifetime, built to create memories for years to come.

Stockton solid pine entertainment unit image
The Stockton Entertainment Collection in a warm, sorrel finish with matching occasional tables

So cozy up around The Stockton or any of our DeFehr solid pine collections, pop some popcorn, and get ready for family movie night. You can share in our Canadian pride, knowing that your movie venue is made in Canada!