Christmas Comes Early This Year at DeFehr Furniture

Now it’s official: DeFehr Furniture stands the test of time.

Christmas has come ahead of schedule at DeFehr Furniture this year in the form of a wonderful email from a very special customer named Dina. Over 50 years ago, when she was just eight years old, Dina’s parents bought her a DeFehr 1965 Colonial Bedroom set called the 7900 Series. It was a popular kids’ set at the time, and although it was meant only for her childhood, Dina hung onto three of those pieces for the next 52 years.

Here’s her email:

“Hello! This may sound a bit crazy, but I have a DeFehr bedroom set that my parents purchased for me around 1965, and I’m wondering if this is something you are interested in having. I can send photos!  It’s still in really good condition, and for me, it is time to finally move on and get a new set. I have a 9-drawer dresser, a 5-drawer high-boy, and a night stand. Please let me know!”

Old 50 year old DeFehr Furniture image
The 52-year-old furniture that made its way back to the Winnipeg plant from Abbotsford, BC
The 7900 Series DeFehr Furniture catalogue image
The 1965 Colonial Bedroom set (7900 Series) from a DeFehr Furniture catalogue dated 1979

We were thrilled to receive this email for many reasons:

  • We always love hearing from satisfied customers… especially customers whose lives DeFehr Furniture has been a part of for generations!
  • This story shows that DeFehr furniture lasts for decades. This particular set successfully followed Dina through many decades, remaining a familiar and comforting part of her home wherever she lived.
  • Dina generously presented us with the opportunity to bring a piece of history back to where it was originally built: the DeFehr Furniture manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Check out DeFehr’s Little Red Chicken Barn to see what the plant looked like back then.) It also allowed us to compare the fashions of 1965 to some of our current kids’ bedroom sets, like the Alex, the My Zone, and the Sydney. As you can see, some design elements have changed over the years (like the moulding shapes and the stain colours) while some things have withstood the test of time.

We immediately contacted Dina by phone to thank her for her very kind offer and to learn more about her story.

DeFehr: Why did you keep your DeFehr furniture for so many years?

Dina: It never broke down. It always functioned. I was raised to believe that if it’s not broken, you shouldn’t replace it.

DeFehr: How would you describe the quality of your DeFehr furniture?

Dina: After 54 years, it still looks amazing. The strength of it, the quality of the finish, the wood that was chosen… it’s lasted all these years. My husband loves the wood that was used for the top of the dresser. He thinks it tells a story.

DeFehr: What made you think of sending back to DeFehr Furniture instead of just selling it?

Dina: When you have something for as long as I did, you don’t just want to sell it to get repainted or treated poorly. It holds too many memories – my entire childhood, my adolescence…  I wanted it to be appreciated in the same way that I‘ve appreciated it. 

The dresser top showcasing the beautiful natural elm wood gain image
The dresser top showcasing the beautiful natural elm wood grain

Being contacted by Dina was a special Christmas gift for us. And when her furniture arrived at our plant, we gathered around it with eyes wide, curiously examining the style and construction techniques of the past.

Admittedly, our styles have changed over the years, but DeFehr’s commitment to traditional construction methods has remained the same. DeFehr’s high quality furniture became a staple in Dina’s life; when you purchase DeFehr Furniture for your home, it will do the same for you.

Now Dina… May we recommend the Edgewood, or maybe the Pine Ridge to accompany you through your next 50 years?

The Edgewood Bedroom Collection image
The Edgewood Bedroom Collection in a luxurious midnight finish with antique metal corner accents