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We sell our furniture to over 200 retailers across North America, furnish 10,000 hotel rooms, and manufacture 3,000 individual products

Introducing DeFehr Furniture

DeFehr hasn’t strayed far from its roots. We still make excellent furniture in Winnipeg, not far from the basement shop where A. A. DeFehr mastered his craft decades ago. In those years, quality and service were the foundations of the business. Today we maintain those values while striving to create interesting, durable products. It hasn’t been easy to stay in business through the years - many competitors have closed due to pressure from off-shore imports. But through tenacity and quality, DeFehr survived. We’re now poised for growth and remain family-owned by the third generation of the DeFehr family.

Our Furniture

We build high-value, on-trend furniture. Many of our pieces are shipped fully assembled, and everything from our factory comes with both our 1-year warranty and safety guarantee. While we strive to show true craftsmanship and value in our end products, we also work hard behind the scenes to provide a safe and family-focused working environment for the 400+ Canadians we employ.

DeFehr products are available coast-to-coast through our well-known retail partners. Product lines include bedroom and dining sets, entertainment units and home office furniture. We also produce furnishings for the hospitality industry for more than 10,000 hotel rooms around the world.

We take pride in sourcing as many raw materials as possible within Canada and North America. Not only does it make sense for the environment, but Canadian forests produce beautiful materials for furniture making. For example, our solid wood bedroom sets are made from Manitoba pine that is grown within 200 kilometers of our factory.

Working at DeFehr

As a company who began as a small, family-owned business, DeFehr has grown to hold strong family values. We care for our employees and strive to make our company feel like a second home. We offer great discounts on products, generous benefits packages and flexible hours. When you work with us, you’ll feel like family.

We employ a cross-section of long-term and new Canadians while welcoming to our team anyone with a drive to learn the art of furniture making. We utilize a broad range of automated machinery, but many aspects of production rely on quality craftsmanship from our expert furniture makers.

We work hard to promote a safe workplace that produces and builds safe furniture. DeFehr Furniture is an industry leader in Workers Compensation Board rankings based on claim numbers, lost time and Return to Work policies and procedures. We believe that we have built a culture rich in health and safety initiatives.

Environmental Stewardship

Providing the highest quality, case good furniture in North America means putting innovation and environmental stewardship first. Environmental stewardship is embedded in our manufacturing processes and buildings through a variety of different initiatives

Responsible Corporate Citizen

DeFehr Furniture has strived to earn an Environmental Act License by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship. This license is given to those businesses who consistently meet or exceed safe environmental practices.

Decreasing Hazardous Materials

DeFehr Furniture’s carbon footprint continues to shrink at an amazing pace. Since 2004, we’ve decreased our volatile organic compound (VOCs) levels by 64%. All hazardous material is recycled through Environmental Waste Disposal Centers.

Managing Wood Waste

We recycle 95% of the wood waste that our facility generates every month. We use this diverted biomass (wood waste) to heat our buildings, thereby reducing our natural gas usage substantially.

Sourcing Sustainable Products

We research and choose responsibly forested wood from sustainable sources.

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